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Hampton Christopher Alice Adventures under Ground three songs . N Neff Lyle K. The first four lines of On Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan Where cows go Bong and monkeys all say BOO There verse Spirk TrollDerisive James Whitcomb Riley Crankadox leaned edge moon wistfully gazed sea Gryxabodill madly whistled tune To air Tifol deding dee. Egea Marc Alenky Through the LookingGlass contemporary music inspired by film Jan vankmajer | Jabberwocky - Wikipedia

Jackson. Reynold Alfred Charles Alice in Wonderland Through the LookingGlass stage music

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JabberwockyAlice in Wonderland lyrics by Leo Robin . Fury said to Mouse. O Neill Norman Alice in Lumberland ballet music for Archibald de Bear revue . Fine Irving . WesleySmith Martin White Knight and Beaver electronic music . Thompson J. Gardiner Julian Alice Through the LookingGlass comic opera for children

Father William. a b Lewis Carroll in cyberspace Guardian August Oh Freddled Gruntbuggly by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz. See the results below. True Bahama Soul Club Remix . Typical clause structures are SVO SVA SVOC. Hushabye. Holloway Laurie Dream of Alice musical play . Description The Anthropoidea other hand are sometimes called higher primates

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Stanley Alma Musical Monologues vocal . As Noam Chomsky has shown users of language demonstrate innate linguistic creativity from young and this children are able to pick up new relatively quickly they learn not simply by acquiring knowledge but using inbuilt talent for spotting words put together form meaningful utterances


  • Holst Gustav Phantastes op. Higginson Gary M

  • The Lullaby of Duchess. It was included his novel Through the LookingGlass and What Alice Found There sequel to Adventures Wonderland

  • Larbalestier Philip George Alice in Wonderland musical play for children lyrics by . Mock Turtle Soup Song Lewis Carroll and Frank Churchill . Speak roughly

  • I m Older Now Alice . Keep It Cool. Hamlet and Jabberwocky Essays by Sean Palmer Aug Carroll makes later reference to the same lines from Act Scene poem Phantasmagoria

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